The Flash rewatch (Season 1 episodes 10-20)

        Hello, again. Welcome to my blog, and another post about my Flash rewatch experience. For those of you that are just tuning in, I’ve been watching ten episodes of the Flash, and then doing a review about it, because I wanted to do a review of the new season, but I realized since it has been a year since I watched the first two, I should re-watch and blog my entire experience. (I really just wanted a reason to watch The Flash all over again. Because, who doesn’t want to watch a super cute nerdy guy that can run super fast? That’s right. Everyone does. 


        So, who is the flash? The flash is a superhero, metahuman. (Metahuman is the DC term for humans with superpowers.) These metahumans, all had one thing in common, how they received their powers. They all received it, the night the particle accelerator exploded, when it wasn’t supposed to change the world. This half of the season, they do still focus saving central city from the metahumans. But, they focus more on the man in yellow once they determine that the person might be closer than they realized. 
        If you haven’t watched this half of the first season, please do not read any further, because I don’t want to ruin this for you, because this is when the plot starts to get very interesting and complex, even Detective Joe West, has trouble following along, with certain ideas, mainly the time traveling idea. 


      Barry is actually able to run so fast, that he is able to travel back into time, with the help of a fully functional particle accelerator, once the real identity of Harrison Wells, and his big secret his reveal.


      Because, for those of you, that have been watching you know that the Harrison Wells that was helping Harrison Wells, isn’t the real Harrison Wells. When the doctor that used to be best friends said, “After his accident, Harrison Wells became a completely different person.” She didn’t realize that it was 100% true, until Joe, and Cisco took a trip to Starling City, and visited the Black Canary, to discover the real Harrison Wells’ body. 


       This is one of things that helped Cisco realized that Joe’s theory about Wells not being a good man, is and the person that killed Nora Allen, are one in the same. Because he was willing to sacrifice Ronnie to ensure Barry’s safety, and Cisco realized that if your name is Barry Allen, then Wells will throw you away without hesitation. So, Cisco starts messing around with the tech that they used to try and trap the man in the yellow, which they attempted back in Christmas, but, he got away, because the tech failed, and it wasn’t able to contain the man in yellow in order to get the confession that he needed to free his dad from jail. 
    Cisco starts messing with the tech, and discovers that the man in yellow put in a hologram, and already had it programed of a half confession, and that’s when Eobone Thawne (Eddie’s great-great-great grandson) was revealed. He is from the future, and got stuck in the past, but he also revealed that he never met to kill Nora, he was going back in time to Kill Barry himself, but then he realized, he wanted to make him suffer, even more. So, instead of killing 


        Barry, he kills Nora. Then, he raises in the air and kills Cisco. Now, if you’re anything like me, and and adores Cisco and his movie references, you are entirely pissed off. Then, you got even more pissed off, because in this timeline, they didn’t even realize Cisco was dead yet. Mainly, because they were focusing on Joe, because he got kidnapped by one of the Martin brothers, and has been threatening Iris, and then Linda gets mad, because Barry, doesn’t tell her the real reason why he’s been ditching her, and breaks up with him. 


          Martin grows impatience, and creates a huge Tsunami that is headed for Central City, and creates a mass panic, in which, Iris confesses that she does in fact have feelings for Barry, even though she’s with Iris, but that doesn’t stop her from planting a big one on him. Barry’s so shocked, but then he sees the Tsunami and he runs to get his suit, and reveals to Iris that he’s the Flash. Barry runs against the Tsunami, and at this time, it’s the fastest he’s ever ran, and he runs so fast, that he accidentally resets the timeline for that day. 


       At first Barry keeps having a deja vu feeling and finishing everybody’s sentences, because he already lived that day. There’s only one person that realizes that Barry time-traveled, and the only person who could do that would be Eobone Thawne (aka Harrison Wells) because he’s already done that. 


          The good news is that Cisco is still alive, and we get to learn that he has an older brother, who is perfection is their parents eyes. So, Caitlin agrees to come with Cisco, and it’s really nice that we get to see the characters how of who they outside of their relationship to Barry. 
       But, the one thing that annoys me about the whole time traveling plot line, is that Barry has to be told time and time again how dangerous it is, to mess with the time traveling. If he doesn’t listen to anything that Wells said, he should of been listening to this instead of focusing on how to win Iris’s heart. He said, “Time is an extreamly fragile construct, any deviation, no matter how small could result in a catalism.” He also tells Barry that he has to do everything he did in that previous timeline the same.
     So, this is news to Eobone that Barry is getting faster, because he can time travel, and makes sure that the future is still in tact with the Flash missing, thanks to his artificle intelligent from the future, GIdeon. 


      Does Barry listen to Mr. Thawne when he says he needed to let everything happen the way that they did? Nope, he couldn’t let those terrible things happen to Joe, and Captain Sting, so he finds Martin and puts him away in like 10 seconds. So, Mr. Thawne explodes on Barry, and warns him, that he may have prevented this tragedy from happening, but another one, will come, and could be worse. 


      Of course that is exactly what happens, but this is kind of okay, because we get a reappearance from Captain Cold, because he just can’t stay away from Captain Cold, and his cold gun. He kidnaps Cisco, and his brother, by getting Cisco distracted by his sister, and hitting on him, and telling him that he’s an engineer. He forces Cisco to make another Cold gun, and the same type of gun with heat, to save his brother.  

         I feel sad for Cisco, because his brother had no faith in his skills, that it would save him. But, if it wasn’t for Cisco, Barry wouldn’t have been able to defeat after the villains that he had. I just don’t understand why their isn’t enough love for Cisco. Sure, his tech, doesn’t work everytime, but he keeps working to improve, and not every design, is going to be a 100% perfect. But, he doesn’t give up on them, just like he doesn’t give up on the people that he loves. 
        Cisco tries to tamper with the guns, but Captain Cold is actually pretty smart, and he noticed that he put something in the firing range, so he makes Cisco take it out, so he can actually use it, and then his sister asks for a gun, that is pretty and toxic just like she is. 

       Meanwhile, Barry and Linda have broken up, because Linda realizes that Barry’s heart aches for Iris, and not her, and encourages her to tell Iris. So, what does Barry do? He stupidly thinks that he can just simply tell her how he feels again, while over coffee, while she is still with Eddie, and thinks that she’ll be okay with it. I love Barry, but sometimes, I just want to smack him too. But, Iris’s feelings for Barry, at this point, only comes in life or death situations. 


      So, Iris gets mad, and doesn’t want to have keep Barry telling that she loves Eddie and not him, and this is when they realize that Synark (Captain Cold) is back, and they could be dealing with the mafia this time, as Synark and his sister start shooting up the Casino. After the shooting stops, Eddie confronts Barry, well more like punches Barry, about coming on to Iris. 
     So, Barry realizes that he should of listened to Mr. Thawne , but even Cisco being kidnapped, is better than him being dead. Barry discuss Cisco’s life, and Iris’s feelings that are still being buried deep down inside her. He responds, “A conscious mind, Barry is a powerful thing. It sounds like it took this apparent disaster to jar those feelings loose, and without that disaster, those feelings remain deeper down, unaccessed.” It makes sense, because in those situation, you realize what’s really important, who you really love. 
      Barry hates time travel now, and realizes that knowing the future is a curse, and not a blessing like he thought. Wells says, “You only time-traveled one day, imagine time-traveling decades into the past and the havoc you could reach.” Because that’s exactly what he did, and Barry explains that he will have that opportunity again to go back in time and save his mom. Wells asks him to consider, “Who could die, so Nora Allen can live?”


        Meanwhile, Cisco and his brother try to escape and almost die trying, but Synark actually almost kills the guard, that almost kills him. He seems to have a soft spot for The Flash and his team. He actually let’s Cisco goes, if he tells him the identity of the Flash, and he does, because as much as he doesn’t like his brother, he still cares for him, and doesn’t want him to be hurt
      Cisco tells them what happened, and he understands. Nobody is mad at him for revealing that identity Cisco quits, because he doesn’t think he’s worthy enough to be working at Stars Lab, because he put Barry at jeopardy. 

      Cisco and Wells share a sweet moment and Wells remind him that he does deserve to be here, and all he had to do was make a choice between two people that he love, and he showed that he was human. He also told Cisco that they loved him. Meanwhile, Barry and Caitlin realize that the Casino was just a distraction, while they were making a move.


         So, Barry and Synark have a nice heart-to heart. Barry threatened to lock Synark, but then Synark countered with a private up link that would expose the identity as the identity. So, Barry counters with a, “get a new line of work, or do it somewhere else.” Synark actually confesses his love for stealing, and he loves the chase, the same reason, Barry loves to be a Hero. So, Barry makes a deal that he won’t go after him, but he doesn’t need to kill people to steal.I actually really love any bantar between these two. They seem to have a mutal respect for each other, even if Synark is a criminal.  

     Meanwhile, the Reverse-Flash finds out that Mason Briggs is trying to do an investigation, on Harrison Wells, and kills him, and then makes it seem like it never happened. 
    It ends with Barry being convinced that Joe’s theory about Harrison Wells, being the man that killed Nora Allen is true. 









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