The Flash returns.

Last week, Netflix quietly updated their superhero shows such as The Flash, Super Girl, and The Arrow, and they added the new Doctor Strange movie as well! For those of you that don’t know, I have the biggest crush on The Flash/Barry Allen, and the actor that plays him. So, I used this as this an excuse to re-watch the whole series, and it just made me love it even more, because Barry Allen, is perfectly imperfect.  I didn’t have my blog, when I first watched the series, so I thought I should review my experience of re-watching. So, this will be about the first 10 episodes of Season 1 of The Flash.

The Flash is about a man named Barry Allen, and when he was eight years old, his mother was murdered, and his father was framed for it. Barry saw what happened, he saw a man in a yellow, that had yellow lighting, and moved faster than speed of light, he saw him around his mom, before he got out of there, and was left sitting on the street, screaming for his parents. The cops and everyone believed his father did that, but Barry’s parents actually deeply loved each other, and their family, and wouldn’t kill his wife. But, there was no other explanation, or evidence that supported Barry’s theory, the only person that believed him was his best friend Iris, and he went to go live with her, and her father Joe, who is a cop, whom didn’t even believe Barry.  Barry has dedicated his whole life to finding out who killed his mom, and trying to get his dad out of prison.

The season starts off, the night the particle accelerator went off, and that was the night that everything changed for a lot people. For Barry, that was the night, he tried to tell Iris how he felt, and landed in a coma for nine months, and woke discovering he had super powers.

For Dr. Wells, it was the night, that his reputation and career was ruined, and he landed himself in a wheelchair.

For Joe, it was the night, he almost lost Barry, who was like a son to him.

For Iris, it was almost losing her best friend, and becoming extremely close with her dad’s partner, who stopped a mugger from stealing her purse.

For Cailtain, it was the night, her fiance, was a hero, and blew up, along with the particle accelerator.

For Cisco,  it was the night that everything changed.

Because with the particle accelerator explosion, the meta-humans also became very real.  For those that don’t know, Meta-humans are people with superpowers. So, like Barry is a meta-human, Fire-storm, is a meta-human. It means their DNA is different, and they have extraordinary gifts.

But, Barry is one of the few who use it for good. Many people try to stop him, because they don’t know what his powers will do to him, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to help as many people as he came. He even argues with Joe about it, “If I can use my powers to help someone or save them from a burning building, then I’m going to do it, and you can’t stop me.” Barry was like this, even before his powers.

There was a flashback of him telling his mom (Nora, whom is now dead), about how he tried to beat someone up, because they were picking on another kid. He lost, but he still did everything to protect that person, and this Barry’s driving force. Some say it’s his weakness, but I think it’s what motivates him.

So, Cisco, makes the technology and the suites, Caitlian patches him up, and checks his DNA, and Dr. Wells mentors him, and the four of them become a reggae group of superheroes, and they learn how to not only be teammates, but friends, with the help of Felicity and the Arrow.

However, Joe doesn’t fully trust Dr. Wells, and believes that he is something to do with what happened to Nora. He tries to interrogate Wells, and Dr. Wells, uses the name Tess Morgan as a pity card, and makes a public apology to the city, for what happened to throw Joe off his scent, even though he was right. But, Joe didn’t give up that easy, he had Eddie, investigate Well’s house, but he really should’ve been investigating Stars Labs. Because, as we can see, he’s trying to keep the future in tact, where the Flash goes missing in the year 2024.

So, Iris struggles with the Journalism class, that Barry encourages her to sign up for, until she finds something to write about, which is The Flash, and Barry.This puts a strain on all of her relationships, but she doesn’t care, because she believes in the Flash. She even tells the Flash, that she is writing them so people have something to believe in again. Even though, her boyfriend, Eddie, started a task force to try to hunt the Flash, because he thinks he is the enemy and not the hero. Iris is left out of the dark about Barry being the Flash, and Eddie is left out of the dark of Barry and Iris’s feelings for each other, for now.

She even starts a blog about him, which becomes dangerous, as they experience more and more dangerous metahumans, which Cisco gives them all nicknames for.

Many of these metahumans are people that they knew in the past, and show up like ghosts to haunt them. Firestorm turned out to be Caitlin’s fiance, Ronnie, and that was so traumatizing for her, she wished he was dead. Their old co-worker,Hartley, had a superpower with his hearing. Then, there was one of the metahumans, whom, I forgot his name, was Barry’s childhood bully, and almost tried to kill Iris.

Until Barry got his powers, Iris used to be the only one to believe Barry, when he said his father didn’t kill his mother. He would sneak away to visit his father in jail, because his father was a good man, who would never hurt anyone. His father wanted him to move on, and even change his name, so people wouldn’t know that Barry’s father was in prison.

But, Barry didn’t care, Barry was proud of who is father was. Barry would try and figure out who killed his mom, but it wasn’t until Joe started to believe him, that he was able to make progress. He was so obsessed with the case, that he knew how to break out of Iron Heights, which is the hardest jail to break out of.  He was afraid to tell Iris how he felt about her.

But, when Joe, and his father, both have a heart to heart with Iris about it, he realizes it was time to tell her, so after years of telling her, he finally tells her how she feels. She doesn’t get mad at first, she just sits there and listens, and then she starts to cry, and gives him no response, except by still moving in with Eddie. But, Joe already knows that her relationship won’t last, in fact, Iris got mad at Joe because, he knew, and he didn’t tell her.

So, halfway through the season. Barry moves back in with Joe. Iris has a new job, as a journalist, and lives with Eddie. Caitlin is working at Stars Lab, and is trying to find out excatly what happened to her fiance. Caitlin is making new technology and suites, for the flash. Including, the only thing that can kill The Flash, which is a cold gun, that falls into enemy hands that he needs to keep safe, and out of the wrong hands.

My next Flash Post, will be about the remaining half of the first season. So, Stay tuned. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be so angry, or maybe that’s just me, because I give the Flash, a million out of 5 stars review.






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