The Reptile Room Book Review

The Reptile Room is the second book in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket. It follows the childhood of the Baudelaire  children, specifically, after their parents die in a house fire, their life turns upside down.  The ending of the first book, left the police chasing after Count Olaf, the Baudelaires’  former guardian, after he was caught trying to marry Violet, the oldest, so he can inherit, the children’s fortune. So, since, this is the second book in the series, let’s just jump into the spoiler section.

The children are now being sent to live with Dr. Montgomery Montgomery(yes, that’s his name), because he is now the closest, relative that they have, and they have the best time, with him. They spend their days reading, making inventions, and biting their way through life, before they go on the expedition to Peru, that they are helping him prepare for. They are genuinely happy with Monty, and spend most of the time, with him, reading in the Reptile Room. It’s also the first time, a guardian, wants them to be there, and actually takes care of them.  But, because this is A  Series of Unfortunate Events something terrible had to happen to the Dr. Montgomery.

Remember how Count Olaf, wasn’t really captured? Well, guess who comes back, more hell bent on getting the precious Bouledere fortune? If you guessed Voldemort, you guessed, wrong. But, if you guessed, Count Olaf, then you are correct!

Yes, Count Olaf made his terrible return as Dr. Montgomery’s assistant ,Stephano. Of course, since, he’s a terrible actor, the kids, recognized him, almost immediately. The only reason he wasn’t recognized is because he changed his appearence. He shaved his head, trimmed off his eyebrows, and had to cover up his tattoo with make-up. But, it’s really no concidence that Dr. Montgomery dies shortly after Stephano-Olaf, arrives. If you are, I might, just have to start calling you Mr. Poe.

Dr. Montgomery died, right before their expedition to Peru, the kids knew “Stefanpho.”  was too blame.  I had a feeling that something was going to happen to them, because there is a reason, that there life is so depressing. Something has to happen, when they are actually happy for once.

It seemed easy, right? Mr. Poe comes in, and investigates, recognizes Count Olaf, he gets locked up, and thrown away, and the Bouldere children get sent to another relative? See, that did happen.   But, it took Mr. Poe some convincing, because Mr. Poe is notoriously slow. For Example: It took him till Count Olaf admitted it, that he was trying to marry Violet, so he could obtain the Bouldere fortune.

Mr. Poe just thought the kids, were suspicious, and because Lemony loves to make sure, we have a clear understanding of certain words. Klaus defines the word suspicious for us.  He responds, “We weren’t suspicious. If someone is suspicious, it means they’re not sure! We were positive that Stephano killed him.”

So, they have Dr. Lueafont, a doctor, come and perform an autopsy, to determine the  cause of death of Dr. Montgomery. (He was really one of Count Olaf’s friends, trying to clear his name.) So, of course, he just blamed that the snake, “the Mamba De Mal escaped from it’s caged and bit him, and that was that.”

At this point in the book, you’re just shaking your head, in frustration, because it is way to obvious that this is Count Olaf. But, you have to see what happens, so you stick with it, and Lemony’s writing is just incredible.

So, how did they prove to Mr. Poe that Count Olaf was full of Bologna? They had to find out what was in his suitcase. So, what did Kalus have to do, create a distraction?

This was one of my favourite scenes, in the book, because, I was laughing so hard at it, and I love how Klaus and Violet play off each other’s personality so well. So, Klaus distracts the adults, while Violet obtains the suitcase, with one of her inventions. I’m not gonna tell you how she does that, because for those non-spoilery people who are still here, I have to leave something, that will make them want to read the book.

When she does obtain the suitcase, all the evidence, is right there. The suitcase items include, “a glass vital, a syringe with a sharp needle, small bunch of folded papers, a card laminated in plastic, powder puff, and a small hand mirror.” So, now that Mr. Poe is suddenly interested in this claim, now that there is proof. Violet explains everything. She states that the vital labeled ‘Venom de Mal’; and it’s obviously from Uncle Monty’s cabinet of venom samples.

Violet holds up the syringe with the sharp needle, “Stephano- Olaf- took the syringe and injected the venom into Uncle Monty. Then, he poked an extra hole, so it would look like a snake had bitten him.”  At this point in the explanation, you are just like, does she really have to explain this? But, this makes you realize, that sometimes, the kids, are smarter than the adults.

But, Violet finishes her explanation by stating that “Stephano-Olaf was going to finish them off in Peru, so he can get their fortune he was going to pose as Uncle Monty to the Herpetological society, and then kill off the Bouldere children, and come back, to obtain the fortune.

This ending was different than the last one, instead of the Bouldere children going to a new home, there is a letter left for us. We are instructed to go to the the Cafe Kafka at 4.PM. next wednesday. We are also instructed to order a pot of jasmine tea from the tallest waiter on duty. If they bring you a large envelope, we have a fighting chance of winning. If they bring us the tea we ordered, then we already lost.

Our mission is to keep make sure the tales of Bouldere children get told, and we are the only hope now. He uses this, to set up for the events of the next book called, The Wide Window. It’s book number 3, and on my TBR list.

All in All, I loved everything about this book, except that Count Olaf, came back, because he reminds me of Voldemort. He’s an annoying bug, that you just want to squash, but he’s just out of reach, and ruins your horrible day, because you just can’t seem to get rid of him. But, other than that, I rated it a 5 out of 5 stars.




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