Hello, Everyone! Can you believe that it’s already April? I can’t believe that this year is almost half over! This month has been crazy, between relocating, and starting new jobs that my schedule has been all over the place. So, I’m still working my way through Carry On, and I’m enjoying it, but I thought that I would share that what I’m planning on reading during the month of April.

The First book on my list is History is All You Left me  and More Happy Than Not, both of which are written by Adam Silvera has been just getting more and more popular, and I’ve had his books for a few months, but I’m too afraid that I will just cry at the end and not be able to pick myself up at the end of it, that I’ve been putting them off, but I’m finally ready to emerge myself in these books, and I”m just ready to have myself a good cry over these books, because I know that his writing is amazing, and I can’t wait to jump on this bandwagon.

My second book is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this. I just love this plot of this story, because this girl literally can’t not leave her house, because she’s allergic to everything, until someone changes that. I love these types of love stories, and think they are so beautiful to see, and I know Nicola Yoon is very popular in YA contemporary right now, so I’m excited to finally be picking up this book.

My third book is Define Normal by Julie Anne Peters. This book seems so adorable, and it’s all about, this teenager who is a part of this peer counselor program, and the person that she mentors is completely different from her. So, it’s a journey about what they learn from each other and how their friendship changes each other.

I picked this up at my local 2nd and Charles, which for those who don’t know what it is, it is a 2nd store, and you can  just get books, movies, and nick oaks, at a cheaper price. I moved this month to South Carolina, so I was gave away some of my books to the store, because they will give you cash or credit for used items, that they are currently taking so I got about $30 dollars worth of store credit, for turning it old books. So, I felt like there was no harm in picking it up.

My Fourth Book is the Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson and it’s  about a girl named And and she has had a life in politics. Her dad was a congressman and never around. So, she focused on her future in medical school, and her friends. She never believed that a relationship lasted more than 3 weeks, and once a political scandal comes out about her, she must learn to deal with it, and she must learn how to deal with the things that she wasn’t dealing with.

My fifth and final book this month to read is Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. It’s about a girl named Aubrey who has an anxiety disorder, and she goes and sees a therapist, that helps a little bit, but then she meets her brother’s friend Linus, and she finds a connection through him, and is actually able to talk to him about anything in a way that she can’t with anyone else. I’ve heard that so many poeple didn’t like this book because they thought it was too light-hearted for such a serious topic, but I think that those are good, because it gets people talking about the issue, and it can relax the pressure of talking about mental health, if you add a little humor to it. It doesn’t make it seem so horrible. So, I’m really excited, to see what I’ll think about the  book about the end, and can finally join in on the discussion.






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